Fundraising FAQs

Q: How does a charity race slot/bib work with Team Fisher House?

A: Each teammate who receives a race slot from Team Fisher House has a $600 fundraising minimum. We provide all the necessary tools (online donation page pre-populated with Fisher House information, prewritten email messages, coaching emails with step-by-step tips, fundraising ideas, and on, and on)! You have access to your online resources 24/7 and we are available by phone and email to support you every step of the way.

Q: I’m new to fundraising. What kind of fundraising support do you provide?

A: We provide numerous resources to make fundraising for Fisher House fun, easy, and meaningful. These resources including a prepopulated online donation page with a Fisher House Family story and video, email and social media templates, and our Fundraising 101 resources located on your Participant Center (accessible after registration). You also have access to us by email and phone for fundraising support anytime. We look forward to helping you meet and exceed your fundraising goal quickly.

Q: Can I plan a fundraising event to help reach my fundraising goal?

A: We highly encourage the team to hold FUN-raising events during their campaign. Please review our FUN-raising event ideas and guidelines on your Participant Center under Fundraising 101 menu on the top navigation bar.

Q: I’m new to running. What kind of training support do you provide?

A: We have a dedicated professional Training Support Team who created numerous resources to get you ready by race day. Resources include suggested training programs, fitness websites, blogs, and books to increase your fitness knowledge. You have access to the Training Support Team by phone and email anytime.

Q: How do I link up with the team prior to race weekend?

A: Teammates link up with other teammates on our Facebook event page to set up training runs and fundraising events in their local area. Our team comes from across the country and abroad making Facebook the ideal communication tool.

Q: Does the team get together race weekend?

A: Absolutely! All race weekend details can be found on your Participant Center under the Race Information menu on the top navigation bar.

Q: How do I get my race bib?

A: Bib pick-up is the same for all race participants whether you are a charity runner or general public runner. You will pick up your bib and at the designated bib pick up area at the same expo location as all other participants.

Q: Can I form a fundraising team within Team Fisher House?

A: Absolutely and highly encouraged! Please contact for assistance setting up your team.

Q: What is the fundraising requirement for teams within Team Fisher House?

A: It’s all about Team Work! Each member of your fundraising team is required to raise their personal fundraising minimum on their own fundraising page based on their participation type (example: Teammate needs a race slot from TFH - $600 on their own fundraising page; Teammate does not need a race slot from TFH - $150 on their own fundraising campaign page). When a member of your team exceeds their fundraising requirement they can ask Team Fisher House to move any extra donations to another teammate’s fundraising campaign to help that member reach their fundraising requirement.

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of members I can have on my team with Team Fisher House?

A: The more the merrier! There is no limit to the amount of members on your team.

Q: I would like to run multiple races with Team Fisher House in the same year. Do I need to use each race’s campaign pages?

A: No, you can combine your fundraising efforts and fundraising requirements for each event on one primary race campaign page. You would then share that primary campaign link with your donors. Please let us know which event will be your primary fundraising page and we will track all your fundraising requirements on that one site.

Q: How do I exchange my race jersey?

A: Go to “Team Gear” under the “Race Information” menu on the top navigation bar in your Participant Center to download and print the Jersey Exchange form. Fill it out and send back your unused jersey for exchange. Please note: no exchanges are available 30 days prior to race day. Try on your jersey as soon as it arrives and exchange if needed sooner than later. We want you to get MORE COWBELL because we will see you in your school bus yellow team jersey!

Q: What percentage of my supporter’s donation goes to the mission?

A: 90% of your supporter’s donation goes to Fisher House programs to support service members, Veterans, and their families.  Fisher House Foundation appreciates that money given to us by Americans across the country is hard earned.  Consequently, we do everything we can to ensure that it is used as intended—to serve military, veterans and their families.  Fisher House Foundation is nationally recognized as a premier non-profit with a four-star Charity Navigator rating for 13 years straight and an A+ from the Charity Watch for more than a decade.

Q: Will my donors receive a tax receipt for their donation to my campaign?

A: All donors making credit card donations to your online campaign will receive an email receipt. All donors making check donations payable to “Fisher House Foundation” will receive a receipt by email or USPS mail depending on the information provided to the fundraiser.

Q: Can my supporter make a donation by check?

A: Yes, your supporters can provide you with a check donation. Please visit your Participant Center for detailed check donation instructions found under "Fundraising 101" menu on the top navigation bar. Each check must be written out to “Fisher House Foundation” and accompanied by Check Donation Form found on your Participant Center in "Manage Offline Donations" under "Fundraising 101".

Q: Can my donors or I apply for company matching?

A: Yes, company matching is a fantastic way to increase your fundraising total! Please visit your Participant Center "Fundraising 101" dropdown menu "Managing Offline Donations" then sub-navigation "Company Matching Gifts".

Q: What if I can't reach my fundraising requirement by the deadline?

A: We are thrilled to let you know that numerous of our teammates meet their goals in just a few days. Success comes from sharing your passion for helping military families – your connection to the cause! If you are short of meeting your fundraising requirement by the deadline your credit card guaranteeing your fundraising will be charged the day after the race the difference between your fundraising requirement and the amount displayed on your fundraising page at that time. You will receive a tax receipt for your donation.

Q: What if I can no longer attend the race?

A: We do understand that life happens - and disrupts the best-laid plans. We have teamates each year who are no longer able to participate in the race they were registered for with Team Fisher House - for pregnancy, moving, deployment and health reasons. You are making a difference in the lives of military members and their familes as part of Team Fisher House whether you attend the event or not. 

Your understanding of our fundraising and registration policies are agreed upon up front during the registration process. We have a no refund policy for registration fees or donations made to your campaign if you do not attend the event.  After completing our registration, including agreeing to our fundraising requiement and guaranteeing the amount with your credit card, your bib is officially yours.  Any balance to reach your fundraising requirement will be charged using the credit card provided during registration whether you attend the event or not.  If we do not maintain our registration and fundraising policies we will not be able to provide these types of fundraising opportunities to our supporters.

Q: Can I transfer or defer my race slot?

A: Race slot transfers and/or deferments are not available at this event.

Q: Is my Team Fisher House registration fee refundable or deferrable?

A: Team Fisher House registration fees are not refundable or deferrable as discussed in our registration form.

Q: Does Fisher House have a Privacy Policy?

A: Yes. Fisher House Foundation is committed to protecting your privacy. Fisher House Foundation does not sell, trade, or provide our donor contact information to other organizations.  We will use contact information to provide each donor with an acknowledgement letter, a complimentary copy of The Patriot, the Fisher House biannual print magazine, and/or The ePatriot, the Fisher House monthly electronic newsletter.  Fisher House Foundation does not use personal information for direct mail or telephone solicitation.

As of 2014, Fisher House Foundation publicly recognizes donors giving $25,000 or more in the Foundation’s annual report.  Donors can opt out of this recognition.  Should you no longer wish to receive a copy of our print magazine, to keep your donation anonymous, or to change the way your name will appear, please contact us at 888-294-8560 or Should you no longer wish to receive The ePatriot, there is an easy “unsubscribe” link in each newsletter.

If you have questions regarding our Privacy Statement, please contact us at or 888-294-8560.